Services Strategy


Pharmacy services encompass a diverse range of offerings beyond traditional medication dispensing, including specialized procedures like teeth whitening, laser treatments, food tests, amongst others.  These services reflect the evolving role of pharmacies as holistic healthcare providers, catering to diverse needs beyond mere medication supply.

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The Challenge

In an era where conventional approaches often get lost in the noise, pharmacies must break free from the mundane and embrace creativity to captivate audiences. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, data-driven insights, and personalized experiences, pharmacies can redefine the standard and set new benchmarks for excellence in healthcare services. Through strategic partnerships, immersive experiences, and a relentless focus on customer-centricity, pharmacies can carve out a distinct identity in the competitive landscape, leaving traditional methods behind and forging ahead as trailblazers of change in the industry.

The Solution

The solution began with the innovative BROWNS + YOU strategy, initially focusing on customers but expanding to encompass a broader representation of audience, team, brands, and partnerships. By leveraging this approach, we developed short, captivating videos featuring well-known locals to embody each service category. These adverts were designed to evoke a smile and capture attention within a short time span, effectively positioning pharmacy services as intriguing and enticing experiences worth trying. Through this creative storytelling and strategic branding, we successfully transformed the perception of pharmacy services, making them appealing and relevant to our target audience.