In-flight Magazine


Embark on a cultural journey with Il-Bizzilla Magazine, Air Malta’s exclusive inflight companion found in every seat pocket. Each month, we curate a captivating guide, showcasing the vibrant happenings and rich cultural tapestry of the Maltese Islands.

The Challenge

Overcoming the hurdles of travel restrictions that marked the preceding years, authorities promise of a bright year ahead, the forecast anticipates a staggering 8 million passengers in 2024. 

The Solution

Advertising in an inflight magazine like Il-Bizzilla presents a host of benefits that elevate your brand to new heights. Reach a captive and engaged audience: Airline passengers often turn to inflight magazines for entertainment and information during their journey, ensuring your message captures undivided attention.

Build prestige and credibility: Associating your brand with the upscale and sophisticated environment of air travel enhances its perceived value and credibility.

Long Shelf Life: Unlike other forms of advertising, inflight magazines have a prolonged shelf life, as passengers often take them off the plane for further reading. 

Connect with a targeted audience: Tailor your message to resonate with a specific demographic, ensuring your advertisement reaches the right audience. 

To elevate your brand above the clouds and make a lasting impression, seize the opportunity to feature in Il-Bizzilla Magazine. Contact us today at and let your brand take flight.