Nissan X Notte Bianca

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Nissan Motor Sales Ltd, the local importer and distributor for Nissan in Malta, has just been awarded the Nissan 2015 Global Award, making the company one of the best Nissan dealers in the world. 

“Nissan has increasingly gained popularity among local motorists and can be easily recognised as one of Malta’s most popular car brands these days. We wanted to thank all our clients for choosing Nissan by localising the brand by delivering a dose of ‘Innovation that Excites’,” noted Ms Taryn Mizzi, Marketing Manager for Nissan Malta.

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The Challenge

To localise a globally recognised brand to resonate with the unique needs, preferences, and cultural nuances of the local market. 

As a brand with a strong international presence, Nissan must navigate the delicate balance between maintaining its global identity and adapting to the specific tastes and expectations of consumers in each region. This requires a deep understanding of local market dynamics, consumer behaviors, and cultural sensitivities to ensure that Nissan’s offerings are not only relevant but also compelling to audiences in the local context.

The Solution

Through locally themed installations like the ‘Luzzu Qashqai’ and the ‘Maltese Bus Juke,’ we captured the imagination of excited viewers who eagerly shared their experiences on social media, amplifying Nissan’s presence in the local community.

Visitors were also invited to express their own creativity through a custom app, allowing them to contribute their drawings to be projected live onto the body of the new Nissan Qashqai, fostering a sense of participation and engagement.

Moreover, a mesmerizing 3D animation mapping projection show was performed on the freshly launched Nissan Leaf, showcasing the cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly features of Nissan’s latest electric car. Through these immersive experiences, Nissan successfully localized its brand in Malta, engaging audiences and leaving a lasting impression of innovation, creativity, and cultural connection.