Remain Seated

Qatar Airways


As Qatar Airways expands its network, we proudly announce the launch of new routes from Malta, marking a significant milestone in aviation connectivity. With a strategic focus on enhancing travel options and fostering global connectivity, Qatar Airways’ arrival opens doors to exciting destinations worldwide.

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The Challenge

Foster a sense of belonging and local pride among residents while introducing an esteemed international brand like Qatar Airways. Despite its global presence and expansive network, the brand must resonate with the unique essence of Malta, portraying a genuine appreciation for our small island nation.

Our task was to bridge the gap between Qatar Airways’ grandeur and Malta’s intimate charm, showcasing the brand’s commitment to honoring and embracing our country’s heritage and values.

The Solution

Embracing the concept of staying connected while grounded, we strategically placed traditional Maltese benches adorned with Qatar Airways messages throughout iconic locations, inviting locals and visitors alike to take a seat and share moments.

By integrating Qatar Airways’ messaging with the quintessential Maltese bench, we created a tangible connection between the international brand and the local community. As individuals pause to rest and engage with the inviting benches, they were pleasantly surprised with unique gifts, fostering a sense of delight and appreciation.

In a city like Valletta, where every bench tells a story, our campaign adds to the charm while addressing the practical need for seating. Through “Remain Seated,” Qatar Airways not only showcased its commitment to local engagement but also left a lasting impression as a brand that values and embraces the unique spirit of Malta.