VSM Re-brand

Helping Regular People
Who Experience
Traumatic Events


To provide different forms of knowlegde, support & assistance to victims of crime. We want to bring bold changes in local law, change perceptions amongst general public and educate from a young age.

To become the go to NGO for victims, easily accessible whilst respecting privacy & guide them through the most difficult periods of their lives.

The Challenge

Recognizing the evolving landscape, the challenge is to navigate these complexities and reinvigorate the connection between VSM and those in need. The goal was to bridge the gap, making support services more accessible, relatable, and responsive to the changing needs of individuals in diverse circumstances. 

The Solution

Position VSM as the go-to NGO for victims, emphasizing accessibility while upholding privacy. Through this re-branding effort, VSM aspires to be a guiding light, helping victims navigate the most challenging periods of their lives with compassion and expertise.

Building an approachable and recognizable safe space, VSM aims to be more than an organization; it seeks to be a sanctuary for those in need of emotional support and guidance. This re-branding initiative is not just about changing the image of VSM but transforming it into a beacon of empowerment, resilience, and unwavering support for victims of crime.