Creating homes together


CoseCasa is a homeware store with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

For consumers who need affordable, thoughtfully chosen good quality products, CoseCasa offers a wide product range with expert guidance, reliable service and people-centric shopping experience. As a local company they are deeply rooted in the community, embrace Maltese heritage and the Mediterranean culture in their product selection and now also in their communication.

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The Challenge

Together with the client in a comprehensive workshop we highlighted the critical behaviors that define the brand’s values. 

We engaged in insightful discussions on market segments and customer profiles, strategically prioritizing target audiences to drive sustainable growth. In our pursuit of excellence, we ideated on customer profiles, seeking to understand not only where we excel but also areas where improvement is possible. 

The workshop also touched on essential aspects such as the positioning matrix and a thorough analysis of competitors in the market. 

The Solution

CoseCasa’s new brand direction embodies versatility, ensuring adaptability across diverse contexts. Our brand is designed to be easily recognizable, featuring distinctive elements that resonate with our audience. Flexibility is at the core of our approach, allowing us to evolve with changing landscapes while maintaining the warmth and familiarity that make CoseCasa so welcoming.

The tagline, ‘Creating Homes Together’, combines the strenghts of our team with the ideas of our clients to create better looking homes.