Bringing your people home


Through meaningful quality insights, services & products, Expedition42 helps HR professionals & CEOs manage the employee lifecycle and as a result ensure organisations improve their wellbeing and achieve business success.

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The Challenge

Exp42 is a brand that will help businesses power up their HR efforts by offering a full spectrum of services & products around this field. They wanted to be seen as an extension of any company’s HR team that helps manage the employee lifecycle. 

However, the individual brands such as Konnekt will continue operating individually, with their own identity and tone-of-voice.  

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The Solution

Expedition42’s brand direction is a harmonious blend of adventure and practicality. Their journey may be adventurous, but their approach remains firmly grounded. As they navigate the realms of recruitment and HR solutions, Expedition42 will stay true to their commitment to efficiency, innovation, and a supportive environment. Expedition42 is not just a service; it’s a reliable partner, offering solutions that bridge the gap between dreams and realities in the professional landscape.

Home, in our context, is wherever employees are in their professional journey – a place of growth, support, and efficiency.