Get ready to savor the crispy revolution!


In a saturated and bustling food market, where chicken burgers often blend into a sea of choices, McDonald’s introduces McCrispy – a burger that transcends the ordinary, rewriting the rules of the game. At the heart of this campaign lies the question: How can another chicken burger stand out in the crowd? 

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The Challenge

While McDonald’s has established itself as a fast-food giant, the challenge lies in further solidifying its foothold in the competitive landscape of chicken items. Despite being a powerhouse, the brand recognizes the evolving preferences of its diverse customer base and the increasing demand for innovative and standout chicken offerings. 

The Solution

At the core of our success lies the captivating video advert that seamlessly incorporates the local Maltese language, introducing the irresistible phrase, “Ma’ ġibtlek McCrispy” (Mum, I got you a McCrispy). This linguistic connection not only resonated deeply with the local audience but also went viral, sparking a social media phenomenon. The success of the McCrispy campaign is evident not only in the surge of sales but also in the organic, user-generated content that continues to populate social platforms.