BOV Enemed

No Cash, No Problem


In collaboration with Enemed, Bank of Valletta (BOV) introduces an innovative partnership that aims to educate and empower customers on the seamless use of credit cards for fuel payments. In a world where convenience is paramount, this initiative seeks to redefine the fueling experience by providing customers with a secure, efficient, and flexible payment solution through their credit cards.

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The Challenge

Despite the myriad advantages of card payments, a significant challenge lies in the prevalent use of cash for fuel transactions. 

Many individuals still resort to physical currency, encountering inconveniences at fuel stations, where the cash-to-machine process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Issues arise particularly when the cash isn’t perfectly straight or has slight imperfections, leading to repeated attempts for the machine to accept the payment. 

The Solution

Leveraging the power of social media and fuel station screens, we aim to educate and inspire individuals on the simplicity of using credit cards for fuel transactions, transforming a once cumbersome process into an effortlessly relatable experience.

Our campaign employs the familiar and friendly faces of local influencers, Frank, Nate, and Rossi, who resonate deeply with the community. Through their authentic and relatable content, these influencers become advocates for the ease and convenience of card payments at fuel stations.