McDonald's Burgers


A campaign for McDonald’s in Malta to raise awareness about littering and encouraging responsible disposal of packaging. McDonald’s is committed to promoting litter separation and recycling in all its restaurants across the country. 

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The Challenge

Introducing a new line of burgers always presents the challenge of carving a unique niche in the market, and for McDonald’s Homestyle Burgers, the hurdle was rethinking traditional toppings. The crux of this challenge lay in addressing fan truths—specifically, the fervent request from our loyal customers to eliminate lettuce and tomatoes from their burgers.

The Solution

Stepping into the world of Homestyle Burgers is like wandering through a Western daydream where the imagination of taste knows no bounds. Picture yourself lost in a Western thought, enticed by the aroma of sizzling beef and the allure of our signature Homestyle Ranch Sauce. 

The entire adventure, from photography and food styling to captivating filming, was achieved through the expertise of our super-talented local partnerships, directed by our superb team. Our collaboration with these artistic minds not only brought the vision of Homestyle Burgers to life but also showcased the rich talent pool within our community.