Love Where
You Live

Anti-Litter Campaign


In a world grappling with environmental concerns, the fast-food industry faces heightened scrutiny for its contribution to waste. McDonald’s acknowledges the urgency to address this issue head-on, emphasizing the need for a significant shift in the way communities view and manage packaging waste.

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The Challenge

The campaign strives to challenge deeply ingrained habits and foster a sense of responsibility among consumers. The challenge is two-fold: first, to alter the prevailing perception that fast-food packaging is inherently environmentally unfriendly, and second, to motivate individuals to actively engage in recycling behaviors. Overcoming skepticism and ingrained practices surrounding waste disposal poses a formidable obstacle.

The Solution

The ‘Love Where You Live’ campaign is positioned to be a catalyst for this transformation, leveraging creativity and communication to drive lasting change in both perception and behavior. 

In this campaign, we took a unique approach by depicting McDonald’s packaging discarded inside a home, delivering the powerful message: “Love where you live.” The campaign highlights the inconsistency in how we treat our homes compared to nature. Just as we wouldn’t throw a used takeaway cup into our home aquarium, we should also show the same respect for nature, as it is our home too.

The campaign has gained widespread acclaim on global blogs, sparking conversations and commendations for its innovative approach to addressing environmental concerns and fostering sustainable practices within the fast-food industry.