Shredded Fries

Banksy x McDonald's


In a daring and unprecedented move that captivated the art world, Banksy orchestrated a masterful prank during a Sotheby’s auction in 2018. The renowned street artist’s iconic piece, “Girl With a Balloon,” fetched a staggering $1.4 million before the unexpected occurred. In a carefully planned act, Banksy had embedded a shredder within the artwork’s frame. As the gavel came down, the artwork began to self-destruct, partially shredding before the eyes of stunned onlookers. 

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The Challenge

Banksy’s incisive artistry often delves into the cultural landscape, and his critique of consumerism extends to iconic brands like McDonald’s. In one notable piece in New York, Banksy presented a thought-provoking image featuring a Ronald McDonald figure shining a shoe. This artwork served as a poignant commentary on the socio-economic disparities within modern society, juxtaposing the fast-food giant’s playful mascot with the humble act of shoe shining. 

The Solution

In a stroke of marketing brilliance, our agency seized the opportunity presented by Banksy’s iconic shredding moment, transforming it into a feel-good phenomenon through the “Shredded Fries” meme. By swiftly and humorously reacting to Banksy’s activation, we not only embraced a pivotal cultural moment but also made it uniquely relevant to McDonald’s.

A single well-timed post proved to be the catalyst for an organic surge, amassing an impressive 83 million impressions and unleashing a tidal wave of user-generated content and social mentions. 

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"Banksy’s Insane Self-Shredding Painting Is Gone But the Memes Live Forever"

 ~ Time Magazine