Water Saving City



In a groundbreaking initiative, the City of Birgu has proudly earned the title of Malta’s first water-saving city, a remarkable feat on one of the most water-stressed islands globally. This achievement is made possible through the dedicated efforts of the Alter Aqua programme, which successfully restored the 17th-century rainwater harvesting reservoir in Vittoriosa Square and has plans for the refurbishment of another historical reservoir in the iconic Auberge de France.

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The Challenge

The challenge at hand was to seamlessly integrate a new brand within the existing framework of the Alter Aqua program and under the overarching umbrella of the EWA mother brand. 

This delicate balancing act required strategic thinking and creative innovation to ensure that the new brand not only complements but enhances the collective impact of these initiatives in advancing water sustainability in Malta.

The Solution

The new brand will artistically represent the flow of water through the renovated reservoir, infusing a touch of modernity into the project. By creating a visually compelling symbol, we aimed to capture the essence of water sustainability while ensuring seamless alignment with the established Alter Aqua program and the overarching EWA brand. This innovative approach not only bridges the visual gap but also conveys a sense of renewal and modernity to underscore the significance of this impactful water conservation project.